Lithuania’s Aura Rewrite the Rules at Transgressions 2019

By Michelle Dee Ar galiu su jumis pašokti? Contemporary Dance returned to the Live Art Space in spectacular fashion with the arrival of Aura Dance Theatre to Ferens Art Gallery this weekend. Saturday evening at Transgressions 2019 saw the first ever visit to the UK by Lithuania’s leading dance company Aura led by Birutė Letukaitė. […]

Ceyda Tanc at Transgressions 2019

By Michelle Dee Kaya was tribal, ritualistic. I thought it was Egypt, Pharaohs with fantastic balance of emotion and strength and power, the strength being in performance and the ability of the dancers who although each individuals, worked seamlessly as one-Helen Powell, dancer It will please choreographer Ceyda Tanc that Helen mentions ‘Pharaohs’ when responding […]

Smudge Launches Transgressions 2019

by Michelle Dee Dancing, breathing, learning some of the best things in life… Inside a pop-up studio on Humber Street the pro-company are applying the polish to their section of Smudge, throwing themselves to the floor, and high kicks to the heavens. The community cast wait and watch for their cue as the music and […]

Transgressions 2019-The Lithuanian Connection

By Michelle Dee Transgressions 2019 was a dance festival that explored questions about dual – cultural heritage, how do groups and people new to a country use dance to find their identity as individuals and artists? It is no accident that Lithuanian companies and performers feature so heavily throughout the three day programme, the first […]