Lottie Hanson photographer Chris Pepper

Transgressions is our biennial weekend of performances, discussion and workshops

Transgressions2023 - Who We Are

Setting the Scene - Friday 12 May – Sunday 14 May

All Systems Go - Friday 16 June – Sunday 18 June

See what has happened before

Unfortunately, like so many events Transgressions2021 was cancelled. We were excited to continue working with Okarukas Dance Theatre culminating in a powerful performance on screen and live in Princes Quay Shopping Centre.

Transgressions2019 - Mixing it up

Birds-Okarukas Dance Theatre
Photographer: Jevgenija Cholodova
I wish to be a blossom of a fern-Aura Dance Theatre
Photographer: Svetlana Batura
KAYA-Ceyda Tanc Dance
Photographer: Amber Tanc
Rosetta Grim Visions in collaboration with Živilė Virkutytė
Photographer: Brian Slater
Goof Off
One Last Dance -An Chead Damhsa - Instant Dissidence
Photographer: Juliet Davis
Smudge Flexer and Sandiland
Photographer: Yael Flexer

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“The relaxed atmosphere in various parts of the festival was great. I loved being able to chat to the artists and discuss work”   Audience member 2019

“One of the best things that I have ever seen” Audience member 2019