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Terms and conditions

Please ensure that you are working in a suitable space even if you are taking part in chair-based activities. If you are taking part in more active/standing activities please ensure that you have cleared your space and that there is nothing underfoot that you may trip on or naked flames/sharp edges nearby.

Consider whether you might need to move pets to another room and aim to be in a space where you can be undisturbed. 

Wear comfortable clothing and suitable footwear. Footwear must be flat, anti-slip and firmly secured to your feet, preferably with a flexible sole. Bare feet is a good option, especially on a slippery floor but not socks.

Always seek the advice of your GP or other qualified health professional before starting or changing any exercise programme or making a lifestyle change. This is particularly important if you are overweight, pregnant, nursing, regularly taking medications, or have any existing medical conditions. You are responsible for exercising within your limits and seeking attention and advice as appropriate. Never force or strain, adapt movements and ideas explored to suit how you feel and what your body needs in order to feel safe and pain free at all times. 

Keep a glass or bottle of water close by. If at any point you feel dizzy or unwell, or have any concerns please stop and if necessary seek medical advice. If you have a phone, or a personal alarm keep it nearby as a precaution especially if you are dancing alone in the house.

By participating in the online sessions and/or accessing and/or using any Material, you are accepting that you have read, understood and agreed to follow these basic instructions. Keyna Paul, Hull Dance CIC, or any other artists are not responsible for any injuries you may experience a result of your use of this site and the material contained hereon.

Please take the sessions at your own pace and enjoy!
This class is free to attend, however, if you can afford it, please make a donation to support our ongoing activities. Options to do so will be on the next page.