And it’s that time again; to reflect upon my journey since my last blog submission. I’ve been busy to say the least. A little while back I held a somatic based workshop that explored the choreographic process and principles of my prize work ‘Oba’ (phase 2), with local professional dancers. I received some great, positive feedback, which approved its success; making me feel much more confident about what I had to offer to myself, to hull, and to others as an artist. It left me content and inspired to do more. To make, and continue my journey of the sentient self, focusing on my senses and proprioception.

I took part in the ‘senses and perception’ programme with Embodied Move which explored Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen’s Body Mind Centering (BMC), in relation to our 5 senses and our perceptions of self and the environment around us. Sensing, feeling, perceiving and moving from them; acknowledging our experiences. It was enlightening, insightful, somewhat overwhelming yet honest and holistic. My time in London provided me with a deeper understanding of the prior knowledge I’d learnt during the final year of my MA. Paying attention; much more attention, to how and why we sense physiologically and anatomically whilst attuning to such knowledge in practical explorations.

Whether I implement some of the exercises directly into a making process or just practice them to encourage a greater understanding of why or how I’m moving; I’m not sure. I just know that I feel much more grounded in accessing my ‘embodied’ self my inner witness.  I recognise what I like, dislike and what I need to engage with further (in regards to BMC sensing and perception). I hope to continue further formal study into Somatic Movement Education (SME) at some point in the future.

I am in the process of moving again, for myself and for a choreographic purpose. YAY MAKING A NEW WORK. I have interests, so many interests which, I’ve no idea where they’re going to take me – Intuition, proximity, satisfaction, wholeness.  I am yet to figure it all out, but I am not worried about this. For now, my focus is allowing myself time to develop and discover movement from and of myself and another.

Carla Morrill