Rosetta Grim Visions in collaboration with Živilė Virkutytė, in Rosetta | Photographer: D Matvejev

Hull Dance Awards are open to professional dancers living in the north of England

We are very excited about our new awards from Hull Dance for professional dancers living in the north of England.


Hull Dance Development Award – £3000
This Award offers a chance to enhance and develop your artistic practice and can also be used as ‘match’ for other applications.

2022/23 Lewys Holt

The Transgressions Performance Award – £1500
Transgressions is a weekend of contemporary movement performances using non-theatre spaces in and around the city centre. This award relates to a piece devised for inclusion in the Transgressions Weekend.

2022/23 Holly Gibbs

Transgressions Audience Award – £1500
Our Hull Dance Awards have always included an ‘Audience Choice’ and we are keen to continue this tradition. This award of £1,500 will be made by audience at the Transgression Weekend May 2023 and could go to any artist or dance company involved in the weekend.