Rosetta Grim Visions in collaboration with Živilė Virkutytė, in Rosetta | Photographer: D Matvejev

Hull Dance Awards are open to professional dancers living in the north of England

Watch this space for information about Awards for 2024/25

Hull Dance Awards 2022/23

Hull Dance Development Award - £3000

Awarded to Lewys Holt 2022/23

Transgressions is a weekend of contemporary movement performances using non-theatre spaces in and around the city centre.

The Transgressions Performance Award - £1500

Awarded to Holly Gibbs 2022/23

Over Soon

Professional and community collaboration commenting on the performance industry’s attitude to age and body type in dance

Transgressions Audience Award - £1500

Awarded to Eva Lourie-Russell 2023

Coming of Age

Eva with collaborators Jorden Brooks, Kayleigh Price and Jo Asbridge take the audience into a wonderful, wacky world digitally and in person as the artists explore their work and themselves